Hubs 30th Birthday Party

Hubs is turning 30 and a big Birthday bash was in order. Since he's my Superman, I went with Superman colors.
I even found a blue spandex dress that kept with the Superman theme!

 In the past I've scoffed at convertible dresses. I just figured they wouldn't be worth it since they would probably be cut too long for my frame and who would want to wear the same dress, but different versions of it over and over? But then I found this one at Goodwill for $5. It's a size large so that seam at my chest is really supposed to be at my waist which would make the dress hit mid-calf legnth (very unflattering length). But, since it can be worn so many different ways, I've made it work for my petite frame and even managed to wrap the straps in such a way as to make it totally modest! I can wrap it this same way and wear it backwards and it looks great too. For lounging at the pool I can switch it to a halter style. For date night I can switch it to sleeveless. And since it is a size large, I will never have to worry about being able to fit in it.
 Here you can see how I wrapped the straps around the back to cover my bra straps.
For a no fuss, flattering and versatile dress, go get yourself a convertible dress!