September Wedding

Yesterday was one of those days. Everything I touched either broke, or messed hurt me back. I got a really bad burn from my curling and for most of the afternoon had lost my phone. And then once I found my phone, I couldn't get the pictures to not be blurry. Then on the way to the wedding I found myself with one of the worst headaches I've ever had (thankfully, I rarely get headaches and have never had a migraine, so this one wasn't as terrible as what some people get, but still!).
By the time of the wedding, everything started to go much better. My cousin-in-law was absolutely stunning, and the wedding was flawless.
I tried this dress a couple of different ways before I decided on the look. Which way do you like it best? With black gladiator sandals and the black leather jacket?
 Or do you prefer the dress with red suede pumps?
 I pinned a vintage brooch in my hair to cover some stray bobby pins.
 By the time we got to the reception I took my hair out and wore it down.
 I ended up wearing the nude pumps and also brought my leather jacket in case the evening got too chilly.
 Also wore my retro black and red shades.
 The photo booth at the reception was a lot of fun. We had these dry erase boards we could use to give advice to the couple or say congrats. You pasted one copy of the photos in a photo album for the bride and groom, and the other you got to keep yourself.
Such a happy wedding!