Costume Ideas

I promised my friend I would pass on some costume ideas for this very "costume-y" season, but realized how much work dressing up a million different ways that would take. So I'm going to cheat a little here and just give some examples of how past outfits I've worn could work as simple costume ideas.
For instance, Duchess Kate Middleton's famous engagement dress might be fairly easy to replicate. Simple hair, shiny and blown out, buy a HUGE fake saphire ring and don a blue jersey dress, chic pumps, and voila. OK, so maybe this is boring...but, if you want to make it look more British, just add a vintage hat. You can find a vintage hat for under $10 at most large antique stores. See here for my vintage hat shopping trip at an antique mall. For your man, a polished suit is all you need.
If only my turquoise jersey dress was sapphire, this would be close enough.

Or why not try a 70's fashionista?
Dressing as any of the Mad Men women would be simple too - here is a tutorial on how to curl your
hair retro style. If your man can find a pin striped three piece suit and skinny tie, he'd be your best accessory.
 Antique malls are great places to find a retro dress, jewelry and clutch. But any simple fit and flare dress, or fitted dress could work paired with classic accessories.

Or how about trying a movie siren like Angelina Jolie?
Just find a glamorous formal gown, some oversized shades, and pick the movie star you are trying to emulate. 
OK, so I have a few more ideas, but I have to actually dress up to post them. More to come!