Deep Purple Tweed and eShakti Product Review

eShakti let me pick out a sample dress to do a review for them. I have worked with eShakti before and have been very pleased, so I was excited about the opportunity. I picked out this simple sheath tweed dress in this deep purple hue. I finally had a chance to wear the dress to a political event I attended last night.
I paired the dress with black tights, simple black pumps, and this fun beaded necklace and earring set. The gray necklace picked up the purple color of the dress and appeared to have a purple haze around it. I loved the effect.

eShakti is a unique online clothing store in that it offers updated twists on classic pieces that you can customize to fit your size or taste. For instance, online this dress came in all the standard sizes, but without sleeves. I opted to have them add a cap sleeve, and requested custom sizing to fit my short stature.

 When the dress arrived I was thrilled! Pulling it out of the box it looked divine! The fabric has shiny black thread throughout that gives it just the right amount of shine for a night out. The dress was well made and fully lined.
Unfortunately, however, when I tried it on, I ran into some problems. The dress is supposed to be pulled over your head, but the size of the dress didn't take into consideration my broad shoulders, because I could barely get it on! Also, I chose a dress that had my exact measurements, and I should have opted for the next measurement up so I would have a little bit more breathing room. You can see in the picture above, the dress is so fitted, it shows off my belly (something I did not want it to do!).

 The dress also came with this black fabric applique which I felt added too much bulk where it wasn't needed. I simply took it off with a seam ripper.
If it weren't for the zipper being so short, and if I had ordered a larger size (beware, the size chart is an actual measurement for the clothing item, so if you are 34, 26, 36 like me, you shouldn't order the 33, 26, 36 dress like I did! Order the 34, 27, 37 dress!), than I would really love this dress.
Here are my pros and cons for eShakti:
  • Customized sizing and styling so you will always find the right fit
  • Classic, modest pieces that don't require a strapless bra (although they do have strapless dress options too)
  • All their pieces are very feminine
  • Quality pieces for the price
  • Figure flattering styles
  • Unique twists on classic pieces so that you won't look like everyone else
  • Plenty of 100% cotton
  • You can't get their items on super clearance (this is a big con for me)
  • You have to pay shipping
  • Once you have customized an item, you can't return it for a different size (or at least this has been my experience)
  • Their dresses tend to be difficult to get on. The zipper allotment was pretty small on the last dress I ordered as well.
  • I generally do not like the prints they use, nor any of the embellishments
I would recommend eShakti for casual bridesmaid dresses, for ladies who can never find the right size, and for women who are always looking for dresses that are long enough and with sleeves for modesty since every dress can have length and sleeves added.
This is my honest review. Hope it helps you out if you are thinking about placing an order!