Shop My Closet

Please note I've added a "Shop My Closet" page (see tab on the main page of my blog). Mainly I will try to sell the vintage gowns that I alter. Vintage dresses are delicate and cannot be worn often, so I am hoping to pass them on to you ladies who might get one or two more wears out of them. For now my "vintage collection" is piling up in my closet and I'm running out of events to wear them all to.

Perhaps you need a special dress for a wedding or party. Stand out with a completely unique dress that you are guaranteed that no one else has and buy one of these altered vintage dresses for that special event of yours.
The dresses are all listed at either $20 or $25. Free shipping. I only accept Paypal. If you are interested in an item, send me a comment or email me at domesticsophisticate@gmail.com. I will send you my Paypal address if you want to buy. Thanks for looking!