And the weekend starts...

This outfit started out like this. Flats as comfy as slippers, boyfriend jeans rolled up, a ruffled tiered top and olive corduroy blazer.
 But just before I was expecting company, I switched the flats out for these heeled clogs.

And then just before leaving to run an errand, I added the scarf.

I'm leaving early Sunday morning to see my sister Missi and her new baby. I CANNOT WAIT! I may not have many outfit or fashion posts next week, but I'll have a lot of sister/newborn baby posts! Maybe even a couple of videos, too!
Top - J.Crew - thrifted for $7
Jeans - J.Crew - thrifted for $.99 via eBay
Blazer - H&M - $20
Flats - Old Navy - $5
Clogs - Kohl's - $11
Scarf - Target - $4
Earrings - $1