I voted today!

Election day has finally come! It is an honor to be able to share this voting privilege with my fellow countrymen/women, and I hope each of you agree that no matter what your political background, it is important to participate in this election and vote.
I wore this for church on Sunday.
I used the applique from this dress as a necklace for this outfit.

I was so cold that I ended up never taking my coat off, so I pulled the applique necklace over my coat. Everyone complimented me on how cute my coat was, so I might have to do this again!

See that Ann Taylor bag? I took this photo at Dillard's, but that was after I had found this dress at Ann Taylor for only $7!!

Striped sweater - F21 - hand-me-down
Applique necklace from another dress
Skirt - Casual Corner - thrifted for $2
Pumps - Dillard's - gifted
Coat - Anne Klein via Amazon - $20