Vacation Shots

Out to dinner for our anniversary:
Naples Pier with the family at sunset: 

More Bachelorette Party photos to come, but this is what I have so far of my daughter and I with the bride getting our nails done:

My Mom took some romantic photos of my husband and I making out on the veranda during the Rehearsal dinner - ooh la la!:
Shopping with my sister and Mom on 5th Avenue in Naples:

After a swim in the beach, we stopped for some organic gelato:
Found a cute spot to sit in between shopping:

We just got back today and are already back in the grind of life (my husband had a work meeting while I had to take my son to t-ball practice). I just finished unpacking and my husband is out getting some groceries. Now here's to hoping Northwest Ohio will have some consistent warm and sunny weather so I can imagine I'm in Florida again!