This Week

Yesterday was my OB appointment. I wore this:
It was a 4PM appointment, so I decided to take my kids out on a date on the way back. We stopped at Red Robin for dinner. Best of all, our healthy eating habits are starting to rub off on the kids. The sides they chose were apples and broccoli! No fries in sight. I was very pleased.

Today has been a special day for school. Our science project for the day was watching a monarch emerge from its chrysalis . . .
We took him outside to dry his wings and brought him a flower. He stayed there for a few hours before he flitted off to make his long journey to Mexico. We took notes on what we saw and then watched the Monarch Butterfly episode of Wild Kratts on Netflix. Yes, the children were extra excited about school today!

I have so many more projects for the house to finish, but creating this cute little nook in my room is finally done for now. This chair is my Papa's chair that I have extra special memories with. No one else in the family wanted it because it looked old fashioned to them. Old fashioned (plus I'm sentimental) works in my 1872 house, so I snatched it right up. Dressing it up with this cute little pillow that I made out of some remnant fabric was just what it needed. I spend most of my nights lately on this chair since laying down causes my heartburn to get too extreme. Having a cheery pillow and the wall dressed up with interesting things to look at will make my evenings on this chair that much better. Come October this will be nursing central. I'm glad it looks a bit more happy now.

Hope you all are enjoying your week!