Date Night

My husband's Birthday was Wednesday. I took him out to dinner tonight to the coolest little French restaurant in an old historical building in a downtown area by a river. There was a live jazz band and the food was so delicious! We always enjoy trying out a new restaurant, but we don't have many opportunities here in Northwest Ohio. Finding this gem was a treat and we definitely plan to go back.

This is my attempt at date night dressing at almost 39 weeks pregnant. Oh the stares I got on my large humongous belly. However, while the staring can be uncomfortable, there are also benefits to being this hugely pregnant. Women were so kind to me. Every woman exclaimed how cute I looked (women never compliment the way I look when I'm not pregnant), even an older woman with a cane offered her seat while we were waiting for our table, and our waitress didn't even blink when she kept having to clear the table of my empty plates. A girl with this size belly must need to eat a lot, right? 

Top - Express, Jeans are Old Navy Maternity, Wedge shoes are Michael Antonio, earrings are gifted