Maternity Dressing Tips for the Third Trimester

Now that I'm only two weeks from my due date, I think I can finally give some opinions on dressing for these last few months of pregnancy. Of course, my opinions are for people with my body type. Those of you who barely show, have long torsos, have smaller chests, or are tall, might not relate to any of this. 

Here is what I have to add about the third trimester to my previous tips for the first trimester and the second trimester:

1. Balance out that belly.

I found that showing off the bump like I did in the second trimester is almost too much now that I'm this big. I still think wearing something tight can be flattering, but draping a cardigan or shrug helps to balance out the bump, which can otherwise take over your look.

2. Comfort is key.

With all the discomfort, pains and aches of the third trimester, it is so important that you're comfortable. Now is the time to switch to maternity clothes if your body type doesn't allow for anything else. I still don't prefer maternity clothes for the majority of what I wear, but often times I find that with my short torso, the fold over waistband for jeans and skirts is the only way to go. Now that I have no space under my belly, all my fold over maternity clothes get rolled out over the belly.

3. Avoid bulk around the neckline.
By this time in my pregnancy I feel so busty and so large in my torso, that any added bulk around my neckline not only feels uncomfortable, it isn't always flattering. Necklaces don't lay right on my chest and higher collars make me feel too warm and claustrophobic. I try to opt for open necklines and wear necklaces and scarves minimally. When I do wears scarves or necklaces, I find them to not be as comfortable as they used to be, too. Bracelets and earrings have become my go to accessories.

4. Wear comfortable shoes.

This is hard for me to admit, but yes, in the third trimester it becomes increasingly difficult to wear high heels. Not only because of the swelling, but for balance and back pain. I've been grabbing my Converse sneakers, clogs, and flats quite a bit these days!

5. Start shopping for postpartum clothes!

I did this with my last pregnancy and found it to be very encouraging. I bought a few fun clothing items a couple of sizes larger than my pre-baby size to wear soon after the baby is born. It gave me something to look forward to, and also kept my spirits up when I actually fit into the item, instead of trying too soon to fit into all my pre-baby clothes. This dress below was one of those pieces I purchased before my daughter arrived and was so glad when I could wear it so soon after her birth.

I have already picked up a few pieces of postpartum clothes on clearance that I look forward to wearing in only a couple of months!