Flashy Pants Take Two

A church in a nearby community offers a community meal every Tuesday night. Our small group at church is hosting the meal tonight. I am excited for our family to participate in a community outreach. We made this cake, browned and seasoned five pounds of taco meat, and washed 50 pounds of potatoes to help out. The other families in our group did the same and together we're going to have a fabulous potato bar and serve about 300 people!
As always, we have so much to be thankful for. The kids and I have been doing plenty of "thankfulness" crafts this week and last and I'm hoping that the event tonight will drill into them even more just how grateful we should be of our many blessings. 
Pants - Gap - solid color version (I got them on final sale for $4.50 at my Gap!)
Chambray tunic shirt - Goodwill - similar here
Moto boots - Target Girls (I got them on clearance for $7.48!)