How to Dress a Postpartum Body

Dressing the postpartum body can be a bit harder than dressing for pregnancy. You know what to expect from your body during pregnancy - you will keep growing. Postpartum is a bit more of a gamble. You know you will get smaller, but you don't know at what point the shrinking stops. Buying a particular size might only last you two weeks before you're down a size again. I've been trying to wear one size fits all type clothes. Things no longer have to be soft because my belly isn't sensitive, but everything has to be pretty practical since I'm chasing kids around all day and nursing an infant every 2-3 hours.

Here are a few items that I can't live without right now.

1. A stylish hat to cover up un-styled hair since I don't have much time to style it these days.

Hat is $17.95 from H&M. My fedora I got on clearance from Banana Republic. I also have a few newsboy caps that I love.

2. Oversized sunglasses to hide my sleepy tired eyes.

Sunglasses from Zappos by Steve Madden for $32.99. I am sporting a pair that looks just like this from H&M that were only $5.95.

3. A scarf to add a splash of color, style, and extra coverage for nursing on the run.


This scarf is from More Than Alive. I was just sent some recently for a product review and have no complaints.

4. Stretchy pants that are nice and tight to hold in my wobbly stomach.

Jeggings are from JCPenney on sale for $16.99. I am wearing a pair I got on clearance from Target.

5. Comfortable, yet stylish boots - practical for snow and cold weather, too.

Boots are $188 (eek!) from Anthropologie. I can't spend that much, but a girl can dream. Right now I'm wearing clearance boots from DSW and Target girls.

6. Oversized t-shirts. Easy to nurse in, forgiving in the cut to hide that shrinking tummy, breathable, comfortable, long enough to cover my bum, and also stylish and effortless looking.

I'm lusting over these oversized t-shirts from Zara for $35.90. I'm wearing Goodwill and Gap clearance finds for now.

 7. A large diaper bag is a must have these days. Something you can wear over your shoulder or cross body is my favorite so I can be hands free.

This diaper bag is made by a friend. I own it in a different color and love it for it's unique one of a kind print (each bag is different). It is very large and holds everything. When it gets dirty I just throw it in the washer. I get compliments on it all the time.

8. Cropped jackets that offset the voluminous tops I am always wearing. Leather or jean works great.

This one is $118, but 25% off right now. It's too pricey for me, but I love it. My husband bought me my jean jacket from the juniors section of Macy's (Hydraulic brand) for Christmas about 8 years ago. I think he got it for under $20 and it doesn't look too different from this. I also have a leather moto jacket that he bought for me in Florence, Italy last year. I've been wearing both jackets quite a bit.