Friday's Outfit

Went for a classic look on Friday. Wanted to try and master the art of messy beach waves with a curling iron. I liked how I got it to look pretty rippled, but the ends were naturally a little curled under even though I purposefully kept them from the iron). I also couldn't stand how my bangs fell and ended up having to put them in this barrette. You would think with how long I've been using a curling iron, I would have figured this style out by now, but I'm so used to the classic wavy curl, that I rarely branch out. After this attempt I realized that since my hair is already wavy, I need to straighten it first and then put the waves in with the curling iron (or straightener for that matter).
Crewneck sweater - gifted - Gap (wish I was wearing this one)
Shirt - Gap via Goodwill - $3 (similar)
Jeans - JBrand via eBay - gifted (same)
Clogs - Dana Buchanan via Kohl's - $11 (wish I was wearing these)