Happy Birthday To ME! :-)

I am 32 today. I love my Birthday because my family pampers me and I get to do what I want to do and not feel guilty about it. And yes. I can be a diva about it.

This will be a great year. I'm back to running regularly - not quite at my old speed or distance, but I'm getting there. My children keep growing and learning new things. Each year is exciting to watch them grow. My brother's getting married so I will gain a new sister this year. My husband's sister is due to have a baby in May - I can't wait to meet her! We have some great trips planned already this year (TX and FL are among them). So much to love and look forward to in the year 2014.

Jacket - Old Navy via Goodwill - $5 (similar)
Coated jeans - Old Navy - $9 (same)
Moto style boots - Target girls - $7 (women's version)
V-neck sweater - Target via Goodwill - $4 (I like this one)

And here's a cute photo of Capri on her 3 month Birthday.