Let It Snow

I spent last week in MI at my parents house while my husband had a work trip in Boulder, CO. I packed up my kids, all of CJ's school books, our snow clothes, and drove up there as soon as I finished the school, laundry, and packing on Monday. The change of scenery, the warmth of my family, and closer access to shopping was just what I needed to change my perspective on my life. Between postpartum hormones, winter blues, extreme temps, and my husband being gone, I was starting to feel a little low and a little lonely. But being away from home always gives you a fresh appreciation for it and I feel so refreshed and contented now. 

I am so blessed to live in my beautiful antique home with my loving kids and husband. I am so blessed to live in a safe community in a state that experiences all four seasons in all their glory. The snow looks so beautiful and it won't last forever. I need to enjoy it while I can. 

That being said, I'm learning to embrace wearing my snow boots just about every day and being sure to wear lots of layers. This is what I wore today for grocery shopping, then taking my daughters to a cafe while my son took his karate class. No amount of snow mounds threatened me dressed like this.
Hat - Target - $6
T-shirt - Gap - $3
Sweater - Target - $6
Fleece lined leggings - Wal-Mart - $7
Knit pencil skirt - Old Navy - $6
Boots - Target - $25
Puffer coat - Wal-Mart - $10
Bag - Dooney & Bourke - hand-me-down