Eggless Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

I tried a few years ago to incorporate food into my blog. You know, like all of those other professional lifestyle bloggers who blog about everything effortlessly - beauty, fashion, faith, fitness, food, parenting, diy, and travel all in one perfectly written html. Sometimes I think that's the direction I want this blog to head in. I imagine glorious baking days and hours of food styling for the photographs.

But then, so much of what I dream up for this blog never actually transcends from my brain to the blog because of time or motivation. Food posts especially will never make it on here consistently simply because I dislike cooking and baking. Sure, I bake sometimes, and I cook all the time. But it's only out of necessity. 

 However, just a few days ago I knew it was time to make banana bread since I had some overripe bananas sitting on my kitchen counter. My son offered to make it. I went to look up a recipe for him and then thought, what the heck - let's try something different. I told my son what ingredients to get out based on what I knew I had on hand, and then told him what to mix in and when. It must have been my lucky day because, voila! they came out perfectly! The best banana bread I've ever had. Rich, moist, and just the right flavor.

 In that moment of tasting this gooey, chocolatey banana bread goodness, I imagined this blog to be riddled with Martha Stewartesque blog posts with numerous original recipes by yours truly.

But that moment is already gone. Enjoy this one food post while it lasts.

I doubt the stars will align perfectly again any time soon for future original Domestic Sophisticate recipes, but until then, I give you picture #37 of my attempts at food styling and taking photos with my new camera.

 And now the moment you all have been waiting for (drumroll please) . . . 

 The Eggless Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe:

Two ripe bananas
1.5 sticks of softened butter
1/2 c honey
1/4 c maple syrup
1 c of plain nonfat greek yogurt (I used the stuff from Costco Fage brand)

Cream above ingredients.

Stir in the following:

Dash of salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
1 cup of whole wheat flour*
1 cup of unbleached white flour
2 cups of dairy free dark chocolate chips* (low sugar – 51% cocoa) I used the Costco Kirkland brand

Bake for 50 minutes at 350 in a floured/greased pan (I floured mine).

*If you add nuts instead of chocolate chips, or sugar free chocolate chips – it would be sugar free. You could use all whole wheat flour and all organic ingredients to make it even healthier.