Taking The Pockets Out of a Dress

I have this great LBD that I bought out of desperation on an overseas trip when my airline lost my luggage. At first I loved the fact that the dress had pockets, until I kept having to tug at them to get them to lay flat. I certainly don't need extra bulk around my hips! At the time I just thought the dress was a tad too small for me.

This is me in the dress two summers and 9 pounds ago after lots of tugging to get the pockets to lay flat.

I pulled out the dress this summer to see if I could squeeze into it and decided I wasn't going to tug on those pockets ever again. I cut them out!

Taking the pockets out of a dress is so easy. I have sewed down quite a few side pockets before and am wishing I had sewed down the pockets in this dress as soon as I got back from my trip!

If you find yourself wanting to rid the bulk of pockets from a dress or skirt, all you have to do is . . .

 1. Seam rip the entire pocket out. Keep the garment turned inside out for the following steps.

2. Pin the seam together. Now that the side seam is pocketless, you will have two plain pieces of fabric with one easy seam to sew.

3. Stitch down the seam. Start a couple of inches above the seam ripped seam and then follow the lines from the previous seam to close in the pocket hole.

4. Double stitch the seam. If you aren't lucky enough to have a serger, you will need to double stitch the seam.

And you're done!

The dress is definitely too small for me now, but as soon as I lose these last few pregnancy pounds this dress will be good to go with no awkward pockets sticking out at the side.