Extreme Couponing . . . For Clothes!

Last week I bought all you see in this picture for $6.

Everything pictured minus the pumps are from Gap. Clock wise from the upper left hand corner:
  1. GapFit women's tee - $4.97
  2. Camo women's pants - $8.97
  3. Toddler girls tee - $5.99
  4. Boys tee - $8.99
  5. Boys shorts - $1.97
  6. Toddler girls sleepwear - $8.99
  7. Toddler girls leggings - $8.99
  8. Toddler girls sweatpants - $9.99
  9. Genuine leather pumps by Anne Klein - DSW - $13
Those were all really great prices to begin with . . . but, I had $25 GapCash taken off, 10% GapRewards (for recently opening up a Gap card) taken off, PLUS a $30 GapReward taken off (for using my Gapcard on a purchase outside of Gap) - making my Gap purchases just $3!

I also used a $10 off coupon at DSW, making the heels only $3.20 (that was including tax).

So ladies, don't forget to use your coupons and rewards, and be sure to hit up the Memorial Day sales today if you can!

We've enjoyed a fabulous Memorial Day weekend so far. My brother and his fiancé came to visit. Yay! It turns out my sister-in-law-to-be is a thrift shopper too, so she and I hit up three local Goodwills that were all running a 50% off of everything sale this weekend. We had a blast, and came home with plenty of great finds!

This morning we're off to attend our town's Memorial Day ceremony and parade, and then spend the afternoon in the pool. I'm so glad summer is right around the corner now!