He Loves Me

Sometimes nothing goes the way you expect it.

I had a couple of those days this week. As in yesterday and the day before that.

My husband was scheduled to go to Columbus for a work event and the children and I were invited to tag along. We found out last minute that we were going to leave a day earlier than planned, which was going to cut into my school schedule for CJ. I packed his school, just in case, but decided we would go on a school field trip to the Capitol - tour the statehouse and visit the statehouse museum while my husband attended and lead meetings and prepared for and spoke at the event. I live in a small town, so any visit to a bigger city is exciting for me. I purpose to try out local restaurants and make it to the city's landmarks. 

We arrived in Columbus Monday night and found Tuesday morning that our car had been vandalized. As in our catalytic converter had been sawed off! I wasn't about to traipse around town by myself with three little children and a car that sounded like a semi-truck, let alone drive around a car with serious safety issues. 

We dragged our feet back to our hotel room only to discover that baby Capri had a fever. Two days sitting in a hotel with two rambunctious children and a feverish infant is not what I had in mind for this trip. I was visibly upset about this, but kept my complaints to facial expressions only. Oh how holy am I.

On our very loud drive home yesterday afternoon, we stopped at Starbucks for some much needed fuel. My husband came back with not only my requested cappuccino, but with these flowers. He is the one who worked till all hours of the night for the past two days without any pain meds while he is still recovering from shoulder surgery, and yet instead of complaining himself, he brought me flowers and thanked me for my support of his work this week. I felt ashamed for having such selfish thoughts but so loved by Chris's expression of loving me more than himself.

Isn't that just how God works sometimes? While He is working over time to provide for us, we are complaining that it's not enough. Life happens and we pout that it wasn't what we wanted even though we are safe, provided for, and loved. His compassion even in our weakness is awesome.

I am a blessed woman.

And in other news, this outfit has been my go to travel uniform for the past two road trips. I suggest to accessorize it with fresh cut flowers.

Baseball tee - ASOS - I paid $22, but it's on sale for $17!
Jeans - H&M - $2.50
Converse - DSW - $25
Hat - Old Navy - $1