28 Week Update

I finally made it to the third trimester, but feel like the last 12 weeks will last forever. Usually I feel like the time flies in those last three months, but July looks so far away to me right now.


I am noticing that on days where I eat too much sugar (i.e., Easter weekend) I definitely get more severe morning sickness. But on days where I eat a more balanced or normal diet, the sickness stays the way it was before, which is very manageable and some mornings even non-existent (although it always comes back by evening time).

None. My appetite is as big as ever, but I no longer need dark chocolate every day or anything else, for that matter. Does craving my old body so I can wear this dress count?

Wow - this one moves a lot!

I only have heartburn on nights when I eat high fatty foods, which due to my lack of chocolate cravings, has been a lot less.

I've been experiencing a lot more ligament pain and light cramping. Braxton hicks occur whenever I am active and just about every evening.

I've been getting out to walk more and the exercise helps not only my energy levels, but also my mood and my water intake (I generally never get thirsty otherwise).

After gaining quite a bit of weight during my last update, I am so grateful to report that outside of an extra few pounds right at Easter weekend that have already come back off, I have not gained any weight in the past month.

I purchased new pillows a few weeks ago and they made a huge positive difference in my nights of sleep! Nevertheless, due to extra studying and a full calendar, I am not getting the full 7 hours of sleep I need, so during the day I am extra fatigued. Caffeine and catnaps are necessities these days.

I am embarrassingly emotional, and am still struggling with some super low mood swings. I am blaming it on my extra workload with school and my crazy schedule. Stress can exacerbate depression, no?

Here's to a strong and healthy third trimester! Looking forward to when I can start the countdown to when I meet my baby!