Just a Few Family Photos

I'm posting a few extra photos today because today has been an especially good day. I'm not sure how I got one of these days since two days ago I would have written something else. But there you have it. I feel amazing today and this goodness has to be documented. 

And here's some more goodness . . .

Photos of my family all dressed up for a wedding and in the last couple of photos, just for church. Since it's rare that we all look so nice, a photo is definitely necessary. And I mean, look at those precious ones--how crazy cute are they?  

For some reason I've felt the urge to get more photos in here and there of all of us since you never know if this is our last photo of just the five of us. So here we are. Just the five of us. Soon to be six! I can't believe meeting Cecily is right around the corner!