And Then He Turned 9...

This boy. As of Monday, he became just one year away from the double digits. I could not be prouder of how he's grown, what he's learned, what he's accomplished, and what his goals are. 

Just this year he made it to blue belt in Hapkido Karate, he finished 2nd grade and started 3rd, he learned to read music, he starred in Mary Poppins at our local community theatre, he soloed for his homeschool choir concert, he learned how to make up his own harmony to songs, he can pick out songs on the piano (most recently figured out the chords for the chorus of Let It Go), he learned to mow the yard, his reading has improved greatly and he is now finishing chapter books on his own, and he takes initiative to help me out with the girls at any given moment.

He hopes to participate in more dramas in the future, wants to become an engineer, a Lego architect, or just a regular architect, and a guitar player.

We're looking forward to watching this young man discover life, and become more and more skilled in the areas he excels at.

I couldn't ask for a more loving son, and am so grateful for his desire to be more obedient and helpful.

Most importantly, he is a very loving and responsible big brother. He tries so hard to take care of them, sometimes to the chagrin of both his sisters and me! But his motives are usually pure and most of the time his sisters are happy for his help.

CJ is such a big helper in getting the girls in and out of their carseats, taking out the trash every week, doing his own laundry, and holding Cecily for me when I need to get something done.

We're still working on that passionate drama he displays at the most inopportune times, but without his theatrics, we wouldn't have such a talented little performer - we just have to teach him to keep it under control!

Happy Birthday to our favorite son, and the apple of our eye! Happy Birthday CJ!