Pictures from Easter 2016

This Easter was Cecily's first Easter. She had no clue what was going on, but she looked lovely in her Easter dress, and just as cute surrounded by a bunch of plastic eggs. 

The week before Easter Chris's sister had a sweet baby girl, Gemma Alexis. We were smitten at once, and were excited to be celebrating new life right before Palm Sunday!

And then my brother and his wife had a baby girl just three days before Easter! They named her Hannaniah Sue and we are in love! What a privilege to be spending Easter with not just one, but two newborns in the family!

My brother, Travis, took me out the night before Easter to go frog hunting. The swamp behind my parent's house and near the pond was teaming with frogs - the sounds they were making were so loud you could hear them from indoors! I just had to go investigate. Since Trav only had one pair of waders, it was up to me to sludge through the swamp and scoop up the frogs...in the dark no less! But rest assured, the deed was done thanks to a flashlight and this net. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you already know this happened - Yes, I'm so proud of it. 

We went to the sunrise service so we could prepare the Easter meal with time to spare. We caught that early morning light in these photos right after church. So pretty, but I made all of us take off our coats, and it was still pretty chilly at 8:30AM! Any grumpy faces in the photos are from the freezing cold!

We picked up Nani at the nursing home to celebrate Easter with us. She waited at the door with a bowl in hand for us to pile eggs up in after our Easter egg hunt.

Of course my brother "hid" my Easter basket up high thinking I wouldn't be able to reach it. Ha! My high-heeled platform boots ensured that I didn't need any help reaching it like my brother had hoped.

Capri is finally old enough to enjoy the Easter egg hunt - the faces she kept making out of frustration or excitement were so adorable!

CJ got a bow and arrow from Grandpa for Easter - he could not contain his excitement!

And that's Grandpa in the background asking CJ to give him a hug for the present! lol!

Mom started making the deviled eggs as soon as most of the eggs were found.

My little brother made our Easter desserts.  These chocolate mousse domes with caramel garnish and a french macron (strawberry flavored with nutella filling) with raspberries and macaron crumble - divine!

And here are the last of our Easter photos - notice the icy chill in our smiles? lol!