Hidden Creek Farm

Next to our pond there is an area that appears to look as if it was a former creek. The culvert under the road in front of our house that runs through this creek-like area has been blocked to close up the creek, if you will. When it rains a lot, this little area floods (no worries - it is far enough from the house to not be a problem). So that's why we are calling our farmhouse "Hidden Creek". Now isn't that cute? 

The closing finally went through this weekend so we've just barely started the demo work. I plan to get some before pictures, but I will probably wait to post them until I can show some progress which won't be for a while yet. We are homeowners for the third time! Third time's the charm, right?

Here's our farmhouse in all her pre-makeover glory (it doesn't look too bad from the outside - it's the inside! Oy!):

Speaking of makeovers, I finally got around to painting these old school desks we got ($7 for the set) from a friend. The friend I bought them from gave me the idea to paint them, and then I decided to varnish pine boards to replace the old laminate tops. CJ got his done in yellow to go with the colors in his room and we left his chair navy (he's a Michigan fan so it's maize and blue all the way for him). The girls got mint desks with white chairs. I love how they turned out!

In between painting desks, I caught Cecily slowly waking up from a nap one sunny afternoon and had to capture the moment. Such a little cherub. 

The kids are still a little apprehensive about our "new" house (especially after closing when we walked them through again and the stench from the carpets about made them run right out). But they're excited about living in the country--something they've never experienced before and I can't wait for them to!

Here they are sitting in the only safe place in our new house to sit on for now (brick fireplace will be painted white at some point). 

Now it's really time to roll up our sleeves and get cracking. Praying for grace, patience, diligence, and long-suffering. Just a few of the qualities I'm sure we will be forced to or need to exhibit during this endeavor!