New Lawnmower, New Kittens, and a Lot of Wallpaper

It was a long day with kids who were entirely too happy today. Yes, that's possible. Too happy means that they turn everything in to a giggling session. Time for math . . . giggles ensue. Time for lunch . . . more giggling. Help your sister . . . giggling till they are red in the face. I guess it was a long weekend and this was their way of letting it all out, but let me tell you, it was not received with smiles nor returned with giggles.  

I did my best to get as much done around the house as possible after we finished our homeschooling so that I could make it out to the farm tonight. Today was that day that I just needed to hear the silence of the country and watch the sun set. As fate would have it, we didn't quite make it out in time for much, but even what little we saw was good for my soul. 

Things are actually getting done slowly but surely. There are days when I think we'll actually see the end, and other days where I just can't picture it. But our latest milestones on the house are as follows:

A couple of weeks ago Chris's parents happened to tell him about an estate auction across the street from their house. Chris came to check it out and brought home lots of goodies, namely this zero point turn mower. He says we still have more equipment to buy for it, but for now this little guy will do. CJ thinks it is his. It is not, of course. 

The same weekend we got the tractor my parents came out to help us peel wallpaper off the upstairs bedrooms that had at least three or four layers. Well, Mom helped peel, Dad gutted the upstairs bathroom, enjoying the sledge hammer and the opportunity to throw huge pieces of the bathroom out the second story bathroom window.

Chris really wants to keep the original plaster underneath the wallpaper and is hoping that if we remove the wallpaper, the walls will only need a thin coat of plaster and look original. Chris's parents and Grandma came out too and thanks to both of our families, the wallpaper is now gone. I now consider myself an expert wallpaper remover. If anyone would like my expertise, please call. This takes talent. 

So while Chris's Dad mowed for us, my Dad gutted the bathroom for us, we girls tackled all the wallpaper.

For the record, I think this wallpaper is darling, and if it were in the girls' room, I would have totally tried to save it on at least one wall!

We had such a fun weekend with both sets of parents there - the kids were in grandparent heaven, and we got more work done in one weekend than we ever dreamed we'd get done.

Since the infamous wallpaper removal process, we've noticed that the mice on the farm are really out of control. It was time to bring in the predators. We were assured that these cats were barn cats and not to be messed with--that we could take whichever cats we could catch. Well, Chris did the catching and we ended up with three little kittens and a teenager kitten. Just like you'd imagine of any teenager, the teenager kitten is nowhere to be found, but the three little kittens have found someone else to follow. They follow CJ and Cassi. I think CJ and Cassi tamed them in only one afternoon, much to our chagrin. 

My plan is to let Cecily loose on the kittens. That will speed up their survival skills and teach them how to be predators. 

OK, maybe Cecily isn't too sure yet. 

The other big project Chris has gotten done is he has gutted the downstairs bath, hallway, and laundry room.

The gutting process of the main floor bathroom unveiled some pretty high ceilings that look so pretty exposed. It also unveiled the wood walls, which isn't quite like shiplap, but still so pretty. We're looking in to how we can keep them exposed.

My Dad's work in the upstairs bathroom uncovered the perfect little niche for a walk in shower.

This side of the bathroom will pretty much remain as is except for cosmetic changes and a new vanity. The clawfoot tub needs a little facelift, but the toilet just needs scrubbed. 

And these shots below are the reason I made us go to the farm tonight. Love these peaceful scenes and can't wait till we live here!