Cassi Rose Turns Six

I'll never forget the moment I found out we were having a girl. All of my fantasies of pink, lace, ponies, butterflies, flowers, and tutus pranced across my imagination as I daydreamed of my little Cassandra Rose and I walking hand-in-hand in our frilly pale pink matching dresses. Decorating her room and buying her clothes, I was like a 6-year old playing with my very first doll. And then she was here, with golden hair, pink cheeks, and bright red lips, and I thought she looked like Sleeping Beauty. 

For the past six years Cassi has already fulfilled every daydream I've had of what it was like to have a little girl. She let me cover her in frills and pink, pick out her clothes, decorate her room, walk with her hand-in-hand, cover her head with the biggest flowers and bows I could find, and shower her with girly toys like tea sets, dolls, aprons, dress-up clothes, and play make-up. 

I always tease her that she won't be bridezilla when she gets married, but I will be MOBzilla (Mother-of-the-Bride godzilla) because I will want to pick out her dress and plan her wedding. But my six-year-old is blossoming in to her own this year now in more ways than she has before. She decided that she wanted to cut her hair (even though I wanted her to keep it long), she has decided her favorite color is blue and not pink. She has decided that she loves being outside and getting dirty way more than she likes playing dress-up, and she'd rather craft than draw any day. 

Every time she picks something or likes something that I wouldn't like, she shyly looks up at me and says, "It's ok if we do what you want, though, Mom." Always eager to please, but hasn't lost her sense of self. That's my girl. 

Cassi, I pray that this year you discover more things that are uniquely you. That you learn to always show grace and discretion when deciding and giving your opinion. That you will always be strong enough to make a decision. That you will continue to nurture your talents and skills that you love. That you will always be kind and considerate even when you are strong. But mostly, I pray that you will always be my friend, my go-to-girl, and that you will never be too old to walk with me hand-in-hand. And for the record, I love the color blue, too! 

I love you, Cassandra. Happy Birthday!