Idaho to See Grandpa

At the beginning of the year my sister and I knew we wanted to make a trip out west to see our grandparents. My Grandpa's health has been poor, but just these past couple of months it has declined even faster. So three days after we moved in to our fixer upper I flew out to Idaho where I met up with my sister and we spent a few days with our grandparents and cousins. 

So good to see the people who have poured in to my life and mean so much to me in every way.

Both my cousins are all grown up and doing amazing things. Cousin Mary tried on her prom dress for us since she was headed to her first prom the next day when we went to visit. To think she was just a little girl walking down the aisle as my flower girl in my wedding and now she's a young lady!

It was very hard to see Grandpa in his altered state. Grandpa has always been one of the most energetic, athletic people I know. To see him barely able to walk or talk was heartbreaking. Grandma has taken care of Grandpa so well for so long and her heart is breaking that she cannot continue taking care of him, but it is time. Grandpa is being cared for and will be very comfortable for these last few months that he is with us. Grandpa was always the story teller, the instigator, the jokester, and the problem solver ... but now he is just Grandpa. I miss all of those other things about him, but was glad to see hat he is still the same - it's all still in there. He was so sweet, showing so much love for us even though he can hardly talk. 

Every day is a gift. Every moment is another memory made. I'm so grateful I have this time with Grandpa to treasure.