The Big Bang

I'm always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to keep my hair up-to-date without having to cut off the length, or don a crazy new style, that will take me little effort to upkeep or style.

After doing some research, I found that the "big bang" is now pretty popular among celebrities. I figured this would be the perfect answer to keeping my hair out of my face (something I greatly need to do now that I have a little one always grabbing my hair), updating my look, and giving me something new to play with. My goal was to look a bit like Halle.

Unfortunately, my brother mentioned that I looked more like the shaggy-haired female dog in Lady in the Tramp who sings about the Tramp towards the end of the movie. Not really the look I was going for.

I forgot to figure that you really have to have just the right face shape to pull off Halle's look and even then, it's debatable whether Halle really looks that great in them.

Now Reese looks adorable in hers, but her heart-shaped face can handle the bang to porportion her prominent chin, and she pairs the bangs with long, layer-less, straight hair which takes away the "shag factor" that would be best to avoid.

But as my sister always says, almost any cut can look great if you style it right. So I figured I better check out how other celebutantes fix their bangs and based on the ideas I get, change the way I wear mine.

Zooey Deschanel has pretty much always kept her bung chunky, regardless of what is in style or not, and she always looks cute in hers. Unfortunately, if you have a short forehead like me, this is just be a bit much.

Chloe's bangs are similar to Zooey's, except her overall look is kept sleek, polished, and dramatic to match the bold statement of her bangs. Definitely not a look I could pull off, but makes an easy-to-achieve fashion statement for those brave enough to try.

I like how Paris, like Reese, keeps the rest of her locks long and straight to contrast her chunky bangs, but again, if you have a smaller face, like I do, this still won't work. One thing to note, though, is that she proves that you can sweep the chunky bang to the side without losing the bold bang look.

Mandy's bangs were exactly what I was looking for. Not as dramatic as the side bang that has been popular for so long, but definitely not all straight and pulled forward like the bold bangs that are trying to make a comeback. This look does not overpower her delicate features, and highlights her cheekbones by pointing towards them. Yes, Mandy, I like your bangs.

Here is more proof that sweeping a heavy bang to the side is just as fashionable as the straighter, bolder bang. Looking suave, I must say.

After brushing my bangs to the side, I don't think I look quite like the dog on Lady and the Tramp anymore.

So. . .if you're looking for something new and fashionable, but appreciate long locks, try snipping some heavy bangs, and then whether you wear them straight or swept to the side, you're sure to be in style this season.

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