Tweezing eyebrows

Many women are afraid to tweeze their eyebrows--afraid of the time, energy, pain, and different look it will give them. But tweezing eyebrows are very important, not only because it is a cheap way to give you a new look, but it also makes your eyes look more open and gives you an overall clean and polished look.

Here are some simple tips on tweezing:

1. Buy a good pair of tweezers

2. Mirror (magnified if possible)

3. Baby teething gel can help with pain

4. Try to tweeze in natural light

If you have never tweezed before and you are doing it to yourself, grab an eyebrow pencil and first determine where you need to start tweezing. Take a pencil or eyebrow brush and place it on the side of your nose vertically where the brush touches the inside end of the brow. At that point is where your eyebrows should start. You can make a mark with your eyebrow pencil there to guide you. If you then lay the eyebrow brush or pencil along the outer edge or your eye, you can mark how long your eyebrows should be.

Lastly, if you place the brush from the tip of the nose through the middle of your eye (or iris), you will see where the highest arch of your eyebrow should be. See picture below:

Always be sure to tweeze above your eyebrows as well (especially if you have dark brown or black eyebrows), because you don't want to affect the natural arch of your brow, but you do want to clean up any stray brow hairs that may be making their way up to your forehead.

Another trick I have learned for if you have espeically thick brows that grow very long near the center of your head is to brush the eyebrows straight up and take small scissors to cut and style the brows to the proper shape.

Unibrows are also a "no no" when it comes to a clean and fresh face--it may hurt a bit more, but it will be well worth the effort.

If you have never tweezed before I would highly advise you to first get your brows waxed, that way you can have a professional help you with the arch and style of your brows. Once you have a good foundation...start tweezing away.