Another reason not to wear underwear

I was watching a talk show the other day, where the guest speaker was "Dr. Lionel Bisson, auther of "The Cellulite Cure". I had never heard of the book before and since I (like most women) happen to have cellulite, I wanted to see what he had to say.

He said one of the causes (though not the solution) of increased cellulite has to do with your underwear. For women suffering with cellulite, his first tip was to say "don't wear any".

AH!!!!!!! I know, that was my first reaction. Apparently most panties are lined with elestic around the leg openings. The tighter the leg opening the more it reduces circulation and increases the appearance of cellulite.

While going without panties isn't really an option for most of us, switching from the traditional "granny panties" to a "better" option is.

His recommendations are "boy shorts" or panties that are lined with loose fabric around the legs (or lace), thongs, and v or g-strings. His recommendation for night...nothing!

I have no idea if it will really work, or help...but it can't hurt to try.