Summer Dresses

Every girl needs a sundress to celebrate the warm weather with, but this year you might want more than just one! One of the hottest new trends right now is to wear a dress for every occasion. Dresses are now so popular, you can find all sorts of styles everywhere and for relatively good prices, too.

Here is a basic glossary of what's new out there right now:

The kimono dress:

This romantic line is great for curvier figures and for hiding that tummy. The kimono sleeves are very graceful and perfect for a cool evening. This particular one I found at Target for only $25.

The shift dress:

For a more tailored look, try the shift dress. Inspired by the sixties styles, this dress, although stiff, can be very feminine if it is paired with some feminine sandals and cut from eyelet material (as seen above). Fewer figure types can pull it off, though. If you have slender legs, the pear shaped women could get away with it, and of course, small, petite women, with less curves would look adorable in it. This dress is from Banana Republic for $148.

The shirt dress:

Like the shift dress, this dress is a very cute, but stiff look, nevertheless, it can be a bit more forgiving than the shift dress, depending on the length you buy it in. Knee-length is the most flattering, but all the latest cuts are coming in shorter and shorter lengths. For we moms, I definitely recommend the longer, more practical cuts.

The babydoll dress:
Dress below found at Old Navy for $20.

All the fashion experts are claiming that the babydoll dress pretty much flatters every figure, but I think they just mean that the dress hides every figure! I'm sure the teenagers look adorable in this, but if you aren't a celebrity, I can't imagine this looking very practical on a regular gal unless she were beachside. This look is the new alternative to the tank top/denim short look. Dress is from Gap for $24.

The bubble dress:

The bubble dress is more of a party dress and should be worn only by people who normally wear outfits that make a fashion statement. I doubt the bubble dress will stay around very long, as each time it has been introduced, it lasts for less than a season! To wear it to its best advantage, be sure to buy one with less bubble and with a very plain, no-detail bodice. This dress can be found at Gap for $20.

Fifties inspired dress:

I hope to see more of this style around. Proper and feminine, it is very flattering with it's A-line, knee-length skirt, and fitted bodice. This dress is from the Isaac Mizrahi line at Target for $40.

Long halter dress:

Reminiscent of the 70's flower children, this long dress, with its graceful silhouette, is suitable for taller women, as it would only dwarf a petite woman. Target has smocked long dresses, spaghetti strapped long dresses, and halter long dresses like the one shown here for only $25.

Keyhole smocked:

Smocked waists, smocked busts, and smocked hipster dresses are definitely one of the big looks this summer. I prefer the smocking to be right at the waist, as it is the most flattering. Most every figure should be able to wear this comfortable dress beautifully. This dress from Gap is $35.

Tent or "trapeze" dress:
Dress below found at Banana Republic for $168.

Dress below found at Gap, $30.

These dresses are being seen on celebrities everywhere. I'm sure celebrities love this dress because they can finally attend fashionable parties without worrying about how flat their tummies are, how big their boobs are, or how cellulite-less their thighs are. Obviously, this dress hides a lot. Whether it is flattering or not is up for debate. And yes, this cut is the same as the babydoll, except it's made of nicer material so that it can be dressed up more.

The wrap dress:

The wrap dress has been around for a few seasons now. It looked great this winter on most body types, and is still looking good for the summer! Target is selling this dress by Isaac Mizrahi for $35.

Tailored sheaths:

This classic cut will never go out of style, but this season opt for this classic dress instead of those black pants. Isaac Mizrahi designed this dress for Target shoppers for only $45.