Summer Bottoms

For so long picking the right "trendy" bottom to pair with the latest top seemed pretty basic. We all pretty much wore lower-waisted bootcut pants, low-waisted A-line skirts at varying lengths, and if brave enough, the cut-off shorts. But this year, pretty much every cut has been thrown at us. There are the new high-waists, the skinny jeans, the bermuda shorts, the city shorts, and the wide legs, with variations of everything in between.

While the low-waisted bootcut pant pretty much looked good on everyone, these newer styles are pretty tricky to pull off. Like say, the high-waisted pant.

Come on…are those really that attractive? Now if you have a super long torso, an itty bitty waist, no curves, and not a trace of a belly, then maybe you can pull it off, but even then…I’m not so sure:

If you really want to try this new fad, try it this way:

The big belt helps to elongate and trim your waistline, looks very polished and classy, leaving no room for frumpy. It also draws attention to your waist, and away from that tummy!

Or what about those skinny pants? Not everyone should be caught squeezing into these! Please tell me Scarlett just doesn’t look the greatest here:

But hey, if you aren’t as curvy and pair the pants with a tunic top, I’d say the look is super cute!

Now here is a jean we might all be able to go for:

Looks like you can hide all your flaws in these medium waisted, wide leg jeans. Just be sure to remember to wear your platforms, since the bulkier leg needs a longer silhouette.

Here’s another “in” look that only those with gorgeous long legs can really get away with:

For the rest us. . .please hide those dimply thighs and opt for the equally stylish look of the Bermuda short:

If you are short, the Bermuda short may just make you look that much shorter, but you can pull it off if you pair it with heels and a shirt that covers the waist so as to elongate the look of your torso (don’t even try high waisted Bermudas if you are short and have a short waist).