I love my...

Blistex "Silk and Shine" chapstick. When I don't have time to put on lip gloss or lip stick, I'll just rub some light concealor over my lips and glide this across them.
My friend actually bought this lotion for me in "grapefruit" as a gift. It's by far my favorite "shimmer" lotion! It's not too shimmery while still giving you a nice summer glow, plus it smells amazing!
Since I'm only 5'1", anything with a bit of height is good for me. I LOVE to wear flip flops in the summer and these are really comfortable and as casual as a flip flop, while still giving me the height I need. I also love my lace boyshorts from Victoria's Secret (I decided against posting a picture of them:). I love the no-panty-line look they give me under clothes while still being very feminie and sexy.