Updating Your Look

An easy way to update any outfit is to add a belt. So go through all the clutter in your closet and pull out all the belts you've accumulated over the years and start adding them to your outfits. Like, if you have a plain shift dress, cinch it with a belt; or if you have a long t-shirt, add a hipster belt; or even if you have a formal dress, you can try adding a belt to give it a new look. Of course blousy or trim tunics are all being worn with belts now too. Whether you use a big belt right at the waist, a small tailored belt, or a funky hipster belt, they all seem to do the trick. See pictures below:

Just be sure to keep in mind that each figure type requires a different kind of "belted look." For instance, hour glass figures look great in the big belts that are right on the waist. Pear shapes should shy away from hipster belts, and fuller women, or more curvy women should stay away from small belts (like in the middle picture above).

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