Time to go for a run...

Being top heavy, I find it almost impossible to do any kind of running or high impact exercise or sports. Nevertheless, lately I've really been trying to lose the weight I gained during this past pregnancy and feel like running might be the only way to whisk that off. I decided to start the impossible task of finding a bra I could run in. Having a very small back with a bandsize of either 30 or 32, but being fairly big busted (a D or DD), I doubted I would find anything.

I went to a L'eggs, Bali, Playtex, and Hanes outlet store the other day to see if I could find something. The gal at the store recommended the Champion Action Shape bra, but inwardly I scoffed at her, thinking it didn't look like it would work for me. After all, it was knit and anything stretchy means it's not gonna hold me in!

Due to her urging, I finally gave in and tried it on. To my surprise I found that the underside of the garment has a non-stretch, breathable material that doesn't budge, while the outside knit just covers what is inside. The straps are adjustable and will not slide since they are heavy-duty velcro. It's not a pullover either, so you can adjust the band size as well with heavy-duty hooks. The best of all is that the sizes start in a 32 C through 32 DD (they also have bigger bandsizes as well)!!!

The one drawback is that the cheapest you can find them for is about $30 on either Amazon or the Ones Hanes Place catalog (or outlet if you have one nearby). Let me tell you, though, it is completely worth it. I went for a run in mine last week and my back actually felt good after the run! If I could afford it I would buy at least three more!