Eyes and Legs

My girlfriend recommended for me to try "CoverGirl" Lash Exact mascara recently. I've seen many commercials now for simualar mascara wands that boast longer, clump free lashes due to the rubbery, flexible wand. I didn't believe it though until I tried one for myself. I LOVE IT! I feel like my lashes look miles longer and it looks more natural as you don't get any clumping! (at least I haven't seen any yet).

Even though this mascara brand isn't waterproof, my eyes have stayed looking cheery and bright all day, without getting the dark shadows under my eyes. The way the brush is designed allows for easier application to the inner, corner lashes. Considering the price, I'd recommend this brand to anyone.
My all time favorite razor is Shick Quattro for women. It gives the nice close shave you'd get from a mans razor but has the lubricating strips with aloe and vitamin E you want from womens razors, the best of both worlds:-)