The Look of Colored Tights

As per your request, here is what I think about colored tights. . .

First of all, I, myself, am not brave enough to don such a trendy look, and think that a bright color on my short and stout legs would only make me look that much shorter and wider. However, for those of you with long, shapely legs, there is nothing cuter and more fun than adding a splash of color to a regular outfit.

I dislike some of the more radical ways of wearing this look, but was impressed by the way one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie, has implemented the look:

These subtle colors add dimension to an otherwise plain dress, and look very rich and feminine.
I like how these models do not wear shoes that match their tights exactly, but pick another subtle color that is either found elsewhere on the model, or an accent color. If you try to match too carefully, there will just be too much of one color. Breaking up the colors keeps the look fresh and young.
For those of us a little more shy of the look, try wearing them under a pair of trousers. A little color peeping out underneath the pant leg, makes regular office wear a bit more exciting.