Bridging the Gap

I hate doing this, but another fashion site has so much good advice for how to transition from summer to fall, that I can't help but just add someone else's thoughts here instead of being original. Visit http://www.youlookfab.com/ for excellent ideas on how to turn your summer clothes into fall's latest fashions.

As for my own thoughts, here are a few cute ideas for fall: What makes this outfit strike my fancy? This ensemble by J.Crew is great because they've taken some very classic pieces that we probably all already have, and put them together for an updated look that is a great crossover outfit for fall. Just grab a jacket, khakis, button down, v-neck sweater, and a long necklace and you'll be stylin' for fall.
I like how Old Navy created this look using almost all summer pieces, and yet it will still work for fall. Instead of leaving the sleeveless tunic, they added a jacket. Instead of a sandal, a closed toe flat. To dress up the look, they added a belt. Now how cute is that?
I just think this is a stylish (and well-priced at $24.99) crossover piece from Target. If it is too cold, wear a long sleeved tee underneath. If it is still warm enough to wear solo, dress it up with a wide belt. Wear it over a shift dress, or with jeans, and with just about any color and for any season...it will go with just about anything.