Clean Out Your Closet

I found myself quite disturbed the other day when trying to pick an outfit for going out to dinner. It seemed that every thing I pulled out of my closet either looked bad on me, didn't fit, or needed to be mended. After several minutes of searching for just the right outfit, I decided to purge my closet.

Piles of clothes later, I finally had a much neater, albeit smaller closet full of clothes. I boxed up the old piles, and returned to achieve the impossible: find something to wear. Much to my surprise, I felt like I had a lot more outfits than I had before. Now, everything in my closet fit, looked good, and was in great condition. Anything I would pull out now would be great, and there wasn't just one outfit, there were several.

For those of you who feel like you have nothing to wear, cleanse your closet and you may find that you have a whole lot more than you think.