The 2007 Emmy Awards

A great fashion event like the Emmy Awards can't go unnoticed by we Moms. =)

So here are a few random notes of my observations...

First of all, I thought there was too much red. Kate Walsh, Ali Larter, Heidi Klum, Lisa Edelstein, and Mary Louise-Parker all wore red. Good grief, such a bold color should come in small doses.

Vanessa Williams looked like a peacock. For real.

Katherine Heigl looked very statuesque and elegant, as always.
Marcia Cross should have been wearing diamonds on her ears instead of her hips.
Olivia Wilde's dress was pretty, but I could do without the wrap thingy around her arms (supposed to be drooping sleeves, but a little too droopy for my taste).
Sandra Oh personified the look of "simple," and made me wish my "simple" was just as romantic.
Teri Hatcher looked pretty in pink, but I would have preferred this dress with a softer empire waist, instead of these rigid lines.
Ali Larter is being praised for her frock, but I seriously think she looks like she is wearing a sack. I understand those of you who thinks this look is pretty, it's just not something I would choose to wear off the beach.

Christina Aguilera looks like she is going to her first prom.
Hayden Panettiere looks like she is hiding a baby bump.
Heidi Klum looks sexy and sophisticated as always, but I particularly love her hair.
Helen Mirren should have covered her arms a little more, but I love the color she picked.
All in all, it was a glamorous night, and everyone was stunning.
I'd love to hear your thoughts, though. Which gown was your favorite?