A few I liked...More on the Emmys

I wasn't to thrilled with the gowns on the red carpet, but there were a few accessories and some dresses that caught my eye. For starters I LOVE the hair on Anna Piquin. I think the off the shoulder gown is adorable on her, and I like how she doesn't sport dangling earrings or a necklace (just two beautiful bracelets) and it looks perfect.I am a bit of a Jennifer Morrison fan, even though she can be a bit annoying on "House". Her gown is blah on her, though creative. Perhaps if she had more of a figure I would like it better. Again, what caught my eye is her old Hollywood hair do.
I never did get a frontal view of Gayheart's dress, but this picture of her is very elegant. I like the navy blue.
To be honest, I have no clue who this women is and I do not like the white top she is wearing with this skirt. Perhaps if this were a complete black dress...maybe with a heart shaped, neckline (no sleeves), perhaps I would like. I posted this picture solely for the skirt, I LOVE the skirt.