Stripes on me

I love stripes, when it comes to clothes. I love the nautical appeal, the casual, effortless style that stripes afford. They are crisp, clean, bold, sharp. I can't say enough of how much I love and adore stripes. However, a horizontal striped shirt looks horrible on me. Yes, I still wear them, but when I see a picture or take time to stare at the mirror and judge...I realize a nice solid top would do so much better for my figure.

While scanning a magazine the other day, however, I found my solution to wearing stripes without adding 10 pounds to my frame. Striped scarves!!!

I wish I had a pic of the one I saw in the magazine, thin, red stripes. A long, lean scarf. So cute! Anyway, just had to post about my love of stripes and how excited I am about realizing a new way to wear them:)