A Little Home Fashion

Chris and I are in the process of refinishing all our old maple furniture that was given to us by Chris's grandmother. The pieces in our bedroom we hope to refinish to the same stain that is used on our bed, and the furniture in the kitchen we hope to do some different things with. The table and chairs we will sand down to its natural state and coat a clear stain over it. The little dresser and dining room hutch we are thinking about paining a slate blue and then sanding it a bit to "distress" the look, similar to the picture below:

We want to redo the kitchen quite a bit, so the cabinets would be white, allowing us to throw some colors in the kitchen with this hutch, and then I'm hoping to get this tablecloth for the table. If I could get blue and white striped chair cushions and blue and white striped shades for the windows, I think it would look adorable. A little country shabby chic. What do you think?