Three steps to better skin

I have fairly good skin. Not to oily, not to dry. I rarely break out, just have a few redder spots on my face that I don't care to much for...and therefore try to cover with makeup. But overall...I have good skin. This being the case, you'd think I wouldn't have any trouble finding a light foundation to compliment my complexion and allow my make-up to last longer then two hours.
Yet, with each new foundation product that I try, NOTHING seems to work right. Mostly, my issue has been odd discoloration the foundation has done to my skin. Splotchy skin, after applying foundation, should NOT be happening.

So last week (or was it the week before) I decided to talk with a Clinique rep about my foundation issues. The gal was so sweet and so helpful. She sat me down to give me a full make over starting with "cleaning your skin". She said that the key to a good foundation, is to first have good skin underneath. Even though my skin my look nice and healthy (and clean) there is a lot happening there that my naked eye can't see.

1. Wash your face. Use a mild soap (you don't have to buy the fabulous facial soap that Clinique sells for $14.50...though I did, and I LOVE it). After you wash and rinse, make sure your skin really is clean by wiping your face with a damp cotton ball...if the cotton ball comes off clean...move on to step 2.

2. Exfoliate. Exfoliate with a clarifying lotion. Clinique's sells for $11.00 and your whole face kind of tingles after you apply this. Making you feel like you really are cleaning and exfoliating your skin.

3. Moisturize. I always have moisturized, I love putting on face lotion and feeling how soft my skin is. I just never realized that the moisturizer can't really do it's job if you have lots of grim on your skin to begin with . You can of course spend the $23.00 to buy Clinique's "Dramatically different moisturizing lotion or gel" (which, of course, I did)...but I'm sure you could find something just as effective for a LOT cheaper.

At any rate, I'm sure I'm one of the last girls on the planet to try Clinique's fabulous three steps to better skin plan, but for the very few of you who haven't...you really should start up this very simple, very easy, skin care plan. Everyone wants healthier skin right? I for one sure do and I'm loving how my face feels and how fabulous my foundation goes on (yes, I did buy their foundation as well...SO nice...oh, and a foundation brush...marvelous!).

Happy skin day!