2008 SAG Awards

None of these pictures are really in order, but here is my take on who looked good, and who didn't...

Ellen, if you're going to wear a little black dress for the Red Carpet, please make it more fun and interesting (like Rebecca's)!!

Jamie Sigler looked fresh and clean in this simple two-toned gown. Great color for her skin tone--she just looked radiant!

Vanessa looks young and flirty in her take on the "two-toned" gown. The tan lines are not very chic, though.

Wish I had a better picture for Amanda. I think she's beautiful. Her hair and dress were the most romantic look that I saw on the Red Carpet.

Angie, I know you're stressed with having to raise all those children, but why oh why could you not take the time to clean Pax's barf off your dress before you walked the Red Carpet?

Ellen looked very statuesque and regal in her shiny dress. I think she needed something bright on her face, though. She looks a little too mousy.

Simple and elegant is always my favorite look on the red carpet, so Marion made it to my top 5 list.

I think America needed to pick a different color for her dress, but I love the cut and lines. The color, however, is definitely something my Great Grandma would wear. I think we saw a little too much silver and gray on the Red Carpet.

Speaking of silver and gray...yikes, what happened here?

Kate's hippy look just didn't do anything for me.

The color of Jenna's dress is beautiful, but those lines on her shoulders make her shoulders look particularly droopy. I thought Jenna would learn from her last Red Carpet walk, but apparently her stylist has some issues.

Men wearing costumes on the Red Carpet is just tacky. What were your favorites on the Red Carpet this year?