All things JCrew today ~ Summer wish list

This summer I'd love to have a well stocked closet, full of easy pieces that are both practical and pretty. First and most important I'd love to have tons of colorful t-shirts. Short sleeved, well fitted, very comfy. That's what I want.Second. Very casual dresses (or at least one). A nice summer dress that I can wear while cleaning the house or running to the grocery store.
Third, but probably more on my 6th or 7th list in importance. A cute sun dress. Not practical per say, but super cute and fun to wear.
A-line straight skits. Most flattering for my figure and in colors that say "I'm having fun! Are you?"
At least one pair of shorts that I feel I can wear with anything. T-shirts or nice blouses.
super casual, comfy pants. Great for warm summer days when I don't feel like shaving my legs *wink*. I'd also love to find a pair that would look good with both flats and heels. Is that possible?
Comfy, wedge sandals. In a neutral color to go with everything.
One (pale) yellow, every day bag. Big enough to hold all my things, plus a diaper and wipes. I don't want it to look like a diaper bag, but I basically want it to be able to hold as much as a diaper bag can.

And that's all for now:)