My new bag!

I'm so excited, I just got home from shopping at Kohl's and I'm sporting not one, but two new handbags! They were having a buy one get one free sale, and though I normally don't spend as much as I did on one bag, I figured since I'm getting two it was totally worth it.

I have been searching for a buttercup yellow handbag in my price range for a very long time. This one is such a pretty buttery yellow and though it is made out of some kind of synthetic the material is so soft it makes you just want to hug the bag all day. It also came with a matching cosmetic case and a cute mini umbrella.

The great thing about this bag is it large enough to hold a few extra diapers, a baby bottle or other little baby things, as well as my wallet and keys (and whatever else I may need) and it is a wonderful spring color that will go with almost everything.

The other bag will make a fabulous bag for when I need a burst of color or just need to be holding something red. *grin* I love the side pockets I think they will come in very handy. It will also be a great bag to take me through the fall and winter. *sigh* Can you tell I am excited? I rarely buy new handbags since the nice ones really do cost a lot.

At any rate, if you are in need of a new bag check out Kohl's and their buy one get one free sale. They also have winter bags on sale for 90% off! Many of which were super cute!!