Something New

Fashionistas are making "what I wore blogs" popular now. Girls all over the world take pictures of their outfits for the day and post them. I find that I'm becoming addicted to these blogs for a variety of reasons...It helps give me ideas of what everyday people are wearing everyday. It helps me to see how styles are worn in a practical way. It gives me ideas on how I can achieve that look (if it's one I like). It helps me appreciate normal looking women instead of the stick thin models that I look at to view whether I like or dislike an outfit.

So here's to embracing the "average" woman and finding your very own style within your very own budget:

SO top from Kohls - on sale for $4.90

Z.Co jeans from Macys - on sale for $4.99

Ambiance red cami - off Ebay $0.99

What's What red suede pumps by Aerosoles and from Aerosoles outlet for $29.00

Venetian glass earrings from Venice - gifted