2008 Met Costume Gala

Did any one get a chance to see our society's fashion icons walk down the red carpet for the Costume Gala last week? I saw a few reruns and got a kick out of some of the looks. Here are a few pictures for you all to gawk at:

Don't you love the pink heels with this silver minidress?! Diane definitely had one of my most favorite looks.

Eva looks like a flamenco dancer.

Giselle looks a little too much like a giraffe here, but good grief, she's Giselle, so she's beautiful.

J. Lo looking so good so soon after having twins!

I don't like the length of Scarlett's dress. For some reason her feet look too big to me.

So old Hollywood style glamour on Naomi!

The red dress with cobalt blue shoes definitely looks "costume."

Beyonce wearing my absolute favorite color! And I love organza, too! So romantic!

This dress looks too much like what Jennifer Garner wore to the Oscars.

Check out more pictures online - Eva Mendes, Kristen Davis, Kirsten Dunst...are just a few that I don't have pictured here.